Learning through play

The Amelia Earhart Hangar Museum is both a history museum and a state-of-the-art STEM museum with experiential, interactive learning for children and adults. We’ve created 14 interactive exhibits that bring our mission and vision to life. Each exhibit entails a STEM topic, interactive components, and historical storytelling.

Education Guides

The Foundation has created two education guides (Elementary and Middle School) to supplement the exhibits within the Museum. From their inception, each exhibit has been carefully outfitted to match National Curriculum Standards, Kansas Curriculum Content Standards, and Missouri Standards of Learning. 

Our 14 activations are home to tactile, interactive elements that allow for hands-on learning. From physics lessons with a roller coaster to geometry lessons with a sextant, the Museum encourages students to immediately test concepts as they are learned in context with Amelia Earhart’s journey, enforcing classroom lessons across multiple fields and grade levels.

Guides are sent to educators free-of-charge upon scheduling a field trip or educational experience. Follow the links on the right to book your experience today!

These innovative, never-before-seen exhibits bring a new, exciting adventure for classroom teachers. Through our guides, we provide resources for traditional classrooms as well as virtual and homeschooled classes. Practical application of each section of the guides is simple for educators, while delivering lessons across multiple content areas for students.

Interact with the Hangar Museum

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